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Gedea Biotech will participate in RCOG's World Congress in London, June 17-19. Marketing Manager Eva Norell will participate and she is responsible for Gedea´s market insight:
-  We keep up-to-date with both the medical development in vaginal infections and we listen to what doctors and patients really need. A large congress, like this. gives opportunities to meet doctors from many different countries and different health care systems, says Eva Norell.

Gedea Biotech is currently closing two clinical studies on bacterial vaginosis and vaginal candidiasis. The next step is a CE marking of the product pHyph and then launch in Europe.

- It is important that of doctors, nurses and midwives feel confident about the effect of pHyph and the mechanism of action of the product when it is used, says Eva Norell.

For further information, please contact Eva Norell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gedea has received SEK 3 million  Swelife and MedTech4Health. Gedea applied for the grant to verify, in collaboration with Region Skåne, the effect of pHyph in a larger placebo-controlled clinical trial for a market launch in Europe. Swelife and MedTech4Health are part of Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Forma's joint venture on strategic innovation programs.


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Women's health is both a health issue and a gender issue. At the International Women's Day, WHO draws attention to important efforts in research and health, for and by women. Health issues have a huge impact on women´s possibilities to patyiciapte in sociaty and working life. 

Gedea Biotech works for women's health through the treatment of pelvic infections. We want an openness about this health problem at the health seeker, at workplaces or among family and friends. Most people know someone who suffers from a pelvic infection and wants to be able to support their loved ones in a good way.

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Gedea Biotech won third prize in the European Final of the EIT European Health Catapult, in the category of Biotech. Gedea also won the Crowd Award! This means that the company is one of Europe's absolute best start-up companies in the health sector. After months of a preparations and competitions, the final took place on December 4 at the EIT Health Summit in Poland Lodz.

Gedea Biotech won the prize money of € 10,000 for the third prize and received € 10,000 for being chosen for the audience's favorite, thus winning as much as the first prize winner, a total of € 20,000. The audience award became a landslide victory for Gedea. There was only one award for all the categories and Annette Säfholm and Gedea won by far over the other 11 companies. 350 people out of 400 participated in the voting and Gedea won. 

- Vaginal infections are painful and there is a huge need for new, modern solutions. I think the audience voted for us because our product, pHyph, solves a problem that is urgent for many people, says Annette Säfholm.

-Participation in EIT Health Catapult has given us in valuable contacts with investors, entrepreneurs and partners that we will benefit greatly from in the future," says Annette Säfholm

Gedea Biotech is based on research at Lund University of Olov Sterner, Sophie Manner and Ulf Ellervik at Chemistry Center together with Helena Strevens, senior doctor in gynaecology/obstetrics at the Women's Clinic at SUS. The first two clinical studies are ongoing in patients with vaginal fungal infection and bacterial vaginosis.

About EIT Health: Together for healthy living in Europe
EIT Health is a European network with over 140 qualified partners from industry, academia and healthcare professionals in Europe. Region Skåne is one of the main partners since 2018, which allows companies with relationships with the regional innovation system to seek funding for international growth. Innovation Skåne coordinates the program in the region. For more information, see or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gedea has been granted SEK 500,000 in appropriations from the SME Instrument phase 1 program within the EU Horizon 2020 framework program. The Horizon 2020 program is competitive and only a few percent of all grant applications are granted.

- The grant from Horizon 2020 is both an important funding that enables us to maintain momentum and also an acknowledgement of the qualities of the company. We are very proud to receive the grant in such tough competition, says CEO Annette Säfholm.


Horizon 2020 is the EU's largest research and innovation program with nearly 80 billion euros in funding, available for 7 years (2014-2020). The program emphasizes high-quality science, industrial management and meeting social challenges. The goal is to ensure that Europe produces world-class science, removes barriers to innovation and facilitates the public and private sector to work together for innovation.

Gedea has received approval from the Swedish Medical Products Agency the first clinical study

Last week, the Medical Products Agency and Ethics Committee announced that they approved Gedea's first clinical study. The study is an important step towards CE marking of pHyph, which is a completely new type of treatment of vaginal infections. pHyph is expected to to treat both vaginal fungal infection and bacterial vaginosis and to become the first product on the market for the treatment of both infections.

In the study, patients with vaginal fungal infection will be treated with vaginal tablets of pHyph. The study is expected to start in late October. The aim of the study is to investigate the clinical effect of pHyph on the infection and to ensure that patients experience the treatment as user-friendly.

secundary packageapptab low resToday's treatments are often insufficient as they are either insufficiently effective or inadequate treatment, since the symptoms of bacterial and fungal infection may be similar.

- The study is a very important milestone for Gedea. We are very pleased that we can start the study as planned, says CEO Annette Säfholm. There are many, both within Gedea and our partners who have worked hard to get started with the study. It has been an extensive work.

Clinical results will form the basis for a CE marking later on.

The study is conducted at two gynecologist receptions in Skåne: Hoftekliniken in Helsingborg and Annerokliniken in Hofterup. Patients who have vaginal fungal infection will be asked if they want to participate in the study and try a new treatment. The study is estimated to last for three months and 24 patients will be included in the study. The study is conducted in cooperation with the Region Skåne and the Clinical Examination Unit at Lund University Hospital.

Later this fall, Gedea plans a further clinical study in which patients with bacterial vaginosis will be treated with pHyph.

- pHyph is expected to treat both vaginal fungal infection and bacterial vaginosis and thus becomes the first product on the market for the treatment of both infections. This reduces the risk that patients choose the wrong treatment for their infection, says Annette Säfholm.

About Smile Incubator
Gedea Biotech is a company in SmiLe Incubator, a business incubator in life science that helps entrepreneurs to commercialize their ideas, offering business advice, well-equipped laboratories and a large network.

Gedea Biotech has reached the final at European Health Catapult, a European startup competition. In tough competition by really strong companies, Gedea went on to the final in Lodz in December. Out of the 14 who reached to the semifinal, seven went on and Gedea is one of them. Another company from Smile Incubator; Sinntaxis also reached the final.

- Reaching the final shows that Gedea is a company with a really good idea and great potential. We are close to market and that is probably an advantage for us in the competition, says Annette Säfholm, CEO of Gedea.

The competition is organized by the EU to find the best European innovations in health, and support them in their commercialization. In the finals there are investment events and prize money. 

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Last Wednesday, Gedea Biotech won a shared first place and Akuru Pharma a third, in the pitch competition "Startup Challenge" at NLSDays, the Nordic region's largest partnering fair in life science. It is the second consecutive year that SmiLe companies take top positions in the competition.

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Gedea Biotech has reached the finals in Serendipity Challenge that is  an annual entrepreneurship competition and tech venue open to all Swedish and Nordic startups and growth companies. The competition final takes place during Almedalsveckan (2-4 July) where 50 of the most innovative and promising companies compete for the titles. 

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Serendipty Challenge web site.
Today, Rapidus draws attention to the problem of antimicrobial resistance and the challenge of more and more antibiotics becoming ineffective. Gedea Biotech's forthcoming treatment is mentioned as a solution, among others, which will make us less dependent on antibiotics.
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Smile Company Gedea Biotech has received 1 MSEK  in Vinnova funding in Swelife and MedTech4Health's joint announcement "Project for better health". The money will finance the first clinical trial in patients with vaginal fungal infection.
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Rapidus made a list of talented young professionals in the business environment in Skåne "that Stockholm based media missed". On the list is Annette Säfholm, CEO of Gedea Biotech.
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Gedea Biotech has been granted 900.000 SEK in Vinnova's grant program for innovative startup companies. The company has also expanded the board with Mats Persson, who has over 30 years of experience in marketing and sales in life sciences. The recruitment means a valuable strengthening of the board's expertise in marketing and licensing.
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Gedea Biotech has raised 11 MSEK for clinical trials throughout 2018, to verify the treatment of vaginal infections. The share issue has attracted a large interest from investors and was expanded from estimated 7 MSEK to 11 MSEK.
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When the 15 finalists pitched their business ideas, the audience voted to choose their favorite in Thursday's Sweden final in the Venture cup entrepreneurship competition. Gedea Biotech, received the most votes, thereby winning the Venture Cup Crowd Award, and free business trips by train in first class with SJ for one year.
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Gedea Biotech is one of 15 finalists in the national Venture cup final in Lund on September 21. The company advanced after winning Southern Sweden's semifinal in the "Game changer" class. Gedea Biotech, which develops an antibiotic-free, local treatment with a completely new mode of action for the treatment of vaginal infections, recently joined the SmiLe life science incubator in Lund.
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The magazine Kemivärlden Biotech recently published an article about Gedea Biotech, where chairman Olov Sterner describes the driving force to find a treatment of vaginal infections which is not based on antibiotics to get around the resistance problem. The article also describes the company's current and planned development.
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Gedea Biotech was on thursday evening crowned as winner of Game Changer award in Venture Cup competition Startup in Malmö. A Game Changer is an innovative startups with Potential to disrupt a current industry and the competitors were the 12 finalists chosen among close to 400 contributions. The prize was 50 000 SEK as well as gift cards from the Venture cup partnering organizations. On September 21st, the national finals in Lund awaits Gedea Biotech. Venture Cup is the competition of entrepreneurs of tomorrow, held every year since 1998.
Gedea Biotech has been selected as one of the 12 regional finalists in Venture Cup South among close to 400 contributions. Venture Cup is the competition of entrepreneurs of tomorrow, held every year since 1998. The participating teams compete in four categories: Student Superstart, Top Tech, Game Changer and Impact Maker. The regional final in Venture Cup South will be held in Malmö on May 18th and the winners will advance to the national finals on September 21st.

Gedea Biotech has been selected as one of the shortlisted entrants for the Emerging Technologies Competition, a European competition organized by the Royal Society of Chemistry in collaboration with industrial partners such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer and GE Healthcare. As one of the finalists, Gedea Biotech will present the company at the Chemistry Means Business Conference in Manchester, 13-14 June, where the prize-winners will be designated. Emerging Technologies Competition is arranged for the fifth consecutive year and aims to accelerate the commercialization of innovative technologies. See more about the competition at
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