Gedea´s ambition is to develop the first antibiotic-free treatment that both treats and prevents bacterial vaginosis. pHyph is a vaginal tablet that has shown an excellent medical effect.


pHyph is developed by Gedea Biotech – a company that was set up by a multidisciplinary team from Lund University.


Bacterial vaginosis is a recurring problem that affects women around the world.


In our most recently concluded trial, 90% of patients had a symptom reduction. At day 35 throughout the 4 month follow-up period, recurrence was substantially lower after treatment with pHyph compared to the antibiotic rescue-treated patients.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), antibiotic resistance is one of the greatest threats to global health of our time. A total of 4% of all antibiotics prescribed to women in Sweden are used to treat bacterial vaginosis.1
1. Socialstyrelsen’s (the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare) pharmaceutical database 2019.


Gedea Biotech aims to make a sustainable contribution to global women’s health and to limit the unnecessary use of antibiotics. We develop a treatment that is safe to use, effective and free of antibiotics, to solve the problem with vaginal infections and their complications.

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