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Problems concerning incorrect treatment are common in vaginal infections. Symtoms caused by fungal and bacterial infections can be similar and patients often find it difficult to make the right diagnosis and select appropriate treatment. Many patients choose to use an over the counter antifungal drug for convenience without knowing which infection they are actually treating. Even a patient with a previously clinically verified vaginal infection might not easily be able to tell one infection from another and 67% of all candida infection turns out to have been treated with the wrong drug - which leads to an increased risk of drug resistence and prolonged suffering for the patient.1

pHyph is the first treatment expected to treat both fungal infections and bacterial vaginosis.

75% of all women have at least one episode of vaginal thrush at some point in life.
5-15% of all women have bacterial vaginosis right now.

Also, it’s not unusual to suffer from both infections at the same time.
Vaginal thrush The mechanism of action for current treatment is to kill the fungi. This might sound as an efficient way to deal with the problem but it increases the risk of the fungi becoming resistent to treatment.

Instead of killing the infection, pHyph displaces it. >>
Bacterial vaginosis Today bacterial vaginosis is treated with antibiotics - curing the infection but disrupting the natural bacterial flora and causing recurring problems.

pHyph restores the healthy bacterial flora by lowering the pH to 4,5. >>



A vaginal infection can be painful, cause intense itching, or sometimes be associated with an embarassing foul odour. Genital problems affect many aspects of daily life - especially for patients with recurrent episodes.
Reference: 1. Ferris, Daron G. Over-the-counter Antifungal Drug Misuse Associated With Patient-Diagnosed Vulvovaginal Candidiasis. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists: vol 99 no 3, 2002
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