Media coverage 2019

In 2019 Gedea gained good traction in media, both Swedish and international. Rapidus, BioStock, Life Science Sweden, Läkemedelsmarknaden and other Swedish business/medtech media published articles about us. American BioSpace published no less than three press items on Gedea. We are happy to now "be on their radar".


Here is a selection of press items

BioSpace Dec 13, 2019 read
BioSpace Dec 26, 2019 read
BioStock Dec 19, 2019 read

From BioSpace Dec 13, 2019:

BioSpaceGedea Biotech – Gedea Biotech received €3 million from the EU program Fast Track to Innovation to fund completion of the clinical trial program and preparation work for market introduction of the company’s antibiotic-free treatment for vaginal infections. Vaginal infections are a common problem and current treatments such as antibiotics are not always effective. Collaboration partners for the work are the CRO company Link Medical from Norway with whom Gedea Biotech has a long-standing relationship and the University of Nottingham Hospitals, home to the lead clinic for the work.



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