Two mentions and one article in three publications during end of November


The results from the NEFERTITI-study have received much attention since they were first published in a press release from October 11th. During the last week of November, there were no less than three publications that mentioned Gedea and were spread through e.g., Twitter and LinkedIn.

First out was Biose with an article about the drug landscape targeting health issues within the women’s health area, covering Bacterial Vaginosis, Vulvovaginal Candidiasis, Urinary tract infections and HIV, and also included a summary of facts on the vaginal microbiome. Among the companies mentioned besides Gedea was Ferring, Rebiotix and MyBiotics’ collaboration project on live microbiota formulations to address BV.

Citation: “Gedea Biotech aims to develop “the first antibiotic-free treatment” for BV prevention. Citing the growing public health threat of antibiotic resistance as a driver, Gedea’s BV candidate, pHyph, hopes to address an unmet medical need. Founded in 2015, Gedea have conducted multiple studies to validate their product and will be embarking on a study into VVC soon.”

Second out was CORDIS, a publications platform for EU-funded research within the HORIZON 2020 program. The NEFERTITI-project was summarized in a full article including the main findings including the 90% symptom reduction, 70% absence of symptoms, and decreased recurrence. The NEFERTITI-project with Grant Agreement ID: 878775 was cofounded by Horizon 2020 with 2 991 774 €.

Third out was Biostock, a Swedish news and analysis service, addressing investors and representatives within the Life Science sector. The article discussed the increase in attention lately to the women’s health industries after the previous neglection. They say that the Venture capital-financing for FemTech in the USA has tripled from 600 MUSD 2015 to 1,9 billion MUSD in 2021. Also, they mentioned that the Swedish government, in their government declaration from October has declared that greater investments need to be made in women's diseases and in research on women's health. In their mention of Gedea “as a company to keep an eye on”, they addressed Gedea’s work to decrease the excessive usage of antibiotics which leads to antimicrobial resistance.


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