pHyph has been developed as a local treatment, shown to cure bacterial vaginosis and expected to prevent recurrence.

A total of 82% of the subjects in a concluded trial were clinically cured of bacterial vaginosis after seven days

Efficacy and safety results are very convincing

pHyph has been shown to have an excellent medical effect. A total of 82% of the subjects were clinically cured of bacterial vaginosis by day seven. In addition, only 5% of the subjects experienced recurrence at day 35, a much lower recurrence rate than for current standard treatments. The vaginal tablet is safe to use and planned to be sold over the counter, to be an easily accessible treatment option when an infection occurs.

Clinical study
Safety study

  • Restores the pH to its natural level
  • Removes the infectious bacterial build-up of biofilm
  • Restricts the growth of infectious bacteria
  • Restores the healthy vaginal microbioma
  • Reduces the risk of recurrent bacterial vaginosis


Bacterial vaginosis  1

During a bacterial vaginosis, the pH of the vaginal environment is elevated compared to normal, thus favouring the infectious bacteria. An imbalance occurs in the vaginal microbioma.


Bacterial vaginosis  2

The infectious bacteria begin to thrive and produces a membrane, a so called biofilm where under they are protected.


Bacterial vaginosis  3

pHyph is a vaginal tablet that lowers the pH to its normal, healthy level (4.5), removes the biofilm and restores the healthy, protective vaginal microbioma, thereby reducing the risk of recurrent bacterial vaginosis.

The active substance in pHyph is a naturally occurring substance in our environment and is well documented, has GRAS status* and is used as an approved food additive.

*Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).