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1 treatment for 2 problems

pHyph has been formulated to a local treatment which is expected to treat and prevent vaginal infections caused by both fungi and bacteria.

The substance is well documented and has always been part of our environment. In fact, it is already used as an approved food additive. pHyph is completely free from antibiotics and is harmless to both humans and our environment.

Vaginal thrush During a fungal infection, the fungus thrives under a hernia called biofilm. The biofilm protects the fungus and may make it more difficult to treat. Under the biofilm, the fungus transforms from its harmless form into the infectious hyphea form.

pHyph breaks down the biofilm and causes the fungus to turn into a harmless yeast form. In its yeast form, the fungus causes no problems and will leave the body with the mucous secretion.
Bacterial vaginosis In bacterial vaginosis, the normal pH of the vagina is increased and an imbalance occurs in the bacterial flora. The infectious bacteria begin, like the fungi, to thrive under the biofilm.

pHyph breaks down the biofilm and restores the healthy bacterial flora in the vagina by restoring the pH to its natural level (pH 4.5).
  • Prevents both fungi and bacteria from being established and infecting the vagina.
  • Breaks down the biofilm and restores the pH.
  • Deplaces the infection instead of killing it.



Watch our film about vaginal infections and how pHyph works

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